Cloudflare SSL certificate not in use but all features work?

I’m just saying that perhaps someone who works at Cloudflare thinks differently about these comments. While not disregarding your helpful advice and points, it’s important to hear it from both sides :slight_smile:

That was my question, what other explanations or reasoning would you imagine?

The whole thing is to allow site owners to feign a secure site when they actually do not have a valid certificate nor encryption.

I am imagining they either agree with you, or they do not agree with you, on the points made that it’s a stunt and a bad feature to offer.

But that’s exactly my question :slight_smile: what explanation would you expect here?

Considering they offer this feature, have always offered it and show no signs of removing it, I expect they’d defend it. Which would be interesting to read, as well as your replies off the back of it!

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