Cloudflare SSL certificate expired

My website it currently inaccessible via HTTPS since the shared SSL certificate has expired. All users to my website are getting a nasty NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID message. What’s up?

Image of certificate info:

The domain for starters.

The domain in question is

I have temporarily disabled Cloudflare proxying since continued downtime is unacceptable for me.

I just added a CNAME subdomain that has Cloudflare proxying:

What does your Crypto section say? Regarding SSL status and edge certificates?

Most likely that calls for a support ticket at

Full and Universal SSL Status Active Certificate

Some hiccup I’d guess. @cloonan/@cs-cf?

But yes, I’d also open a support ticket in any case.

You could try to disable universal SSL at the bottom of the page, wait a bit, and re-enable it again. That might fix it but support should probaly still look into it.

That didn’t help at the time but now it suddenly works. I’m assuming they finally got around to fixing the issue.

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