CloudFlare SSL cert not working with Apple Podcasts

Hi all! I posted a new podcast episode to my site yesterday, but it never showed up on Apple Podcasts since Apple Podcasts Connect couldn’t seem to update itself from my podcast feed. I used Blubrry’s Cast Feed Validator site to check my feed and got the following error:

“Could not find root certificate authority because it is not in Apple Podcasts’ list of trusted authorities.”

Sure enough, when I paused Cloudflare for the site, everything started working… at least until my site went down due to the volume of direct traffic without the benefit of Cloudflare.

Everything was working when I posted my previous episode on May 7th, so the problem seems to be new since then. I’m using Full/Strict encryption in Cloudflare per my host’s recommendation if that’s relevant. If anyone has any suggestions I’d very much appreciate them - thanks!

You could try going to Cloudflare Dashboard → Your Domain → SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates.
At the bottom, you can “Disable Universal SSL” and reactivate it again after a short period. There has been a problem with a Google Root Certificate that has recently been used and this might (should) fix it, it that is actually the problem.

The name of the Certificate was GTS Root R4. If your certificate is using that CA, that might very well be it.

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Laudian, you’re a lifesaver! That seems to have been exactly the issue and following your suggestion has fixed it. Thank you so much - I really appreciate it!

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