Cloudflare SSL Cert not being trusted in Cert Chain

Hi - I think I might be missing an SSL Origin Cert for CloudFlare itself? I am trying to use CloudFlare’s SSL cert on this site-

I keep getting a cert invalid error.

Checking this site - , I think it’s because CloudFlare’s cert is not trusted?

I added the cloudflare origin cert to my website cert chain from here - https:// support. cloudflare. com /hc/en-us/articles/115000479507 (step 4)

Any ideas?

That subdomain is not going through Cloudflare. The main domain is, though.

Is that subdomain set to :orange: in the DNS setting page?

Same goes with ‘www’

Got it. Yeah it doesn’t.

So how do I support this? I guess I need to get a cert from somewhere else and then upload it to my server? I did this for

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