Cloudflare SSL Cert for nextcloud

Hello i am self hosting a nextcloud server on port 10002 (https). My service provider is blocking 80 and 443 thus the reason for 10002.

I have a google domain that forwards traffic from bensocket dot com to https://xx.xx.xx.xx:10002/nextcloud.

I made the dns for my domain the ones that Cloudflare recommended and have success. i then made a free ssl cert with cloud flare and installed them on my server.

However it is not working. Please see the photo. You can see that it is cert is only valitide for bensocketdotcom and so on.

Is what i am trying to do possible? Am i skipping something?


The Cloudflare origin certificate is only valid when it’s behind the Cloudflare Proxy (:orange: in Cloudflare DNS).

Only Cloudflare proxy servers recognize the certificate as secure.

not possible. ok thanks

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:wave: @bensocket,

You could put this whole thing behind Cloudflare using Argo tunnels on 443.


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