Cloudflare SSL – cannot access subdomain

Hi all,

I use Laravel Forge to deploy my project, and Cloudflare to be our DNS server. I remember in the past, I used to install LetsEncrypt via Forge to protect my site, but this time looks like Cloudflare has done it for me (i.e. accessing https without having to install LetsEncrypt’s SSL certificate)

But it’s only applicable for the main site/domain, I can’t seem to access the subdomain at all. If I try to install a SSL certificate for the subdomain, it would work but the main site (root domain) will die.

Has anybody come across this before and what should I do to access the subdomain?


What’s the hostname?

It’s :slight_smile:

That hostname is working.

Sorry I must have been unclear in my reply.

The main domain works, but the subdomain i.e. doesn’t. I’m not sure how Cloudflare secures the site on the domain level :slight_smile:

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