Cloudflare SSL automatically gets remove and previous lets encrypt install again in shared hosting WHM


I am facing an issue… I am using Cloudflare Free (full strict) SSL in a shared hosting WHM for few domain names.

I changed the namservers, generate cert and key… and add all that in the server using WHM…

everything seems fine for instance… but after few hours the Cloudflare SSL gone, and the lets encrypt SSL which i uninstall from the server revert back! but couldn’t delete the already uploaded cert of lets encrypt

I don’t know why it happens… please help!

Can you look at your DNS page and make sure the record/hostname (eg. www) is still orange clouded? some dynamic DNS system may be updating it to become grey clouded :grey:/non-proxied.

Thank you judge, for super quick reply!

let me see and get back to you…

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www is oranged cloud…

is there any other way to check that?

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Are you sure the cert being presented isn’t a Let’s Encrypt certificate from Cloudflare? If you look at the headers of the request in Chrome using developer tools do you see Cloudflare headers? If so the cert is being presented by Cloudflare on the edge.

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yeah! when i see in the Manage SSL it shows the Lets encrypt SSL which is soon going to be expired…

CF does add “letsencrypt” to CAA, so it can issue LE, but I don’t know the last time CF did that. Nowadays they opt to issue with their own cross-sig CA with DigiCert.

Could you go to in your browser to see if you get the Cloudflare diagnostic page (will look the same as

i tried your way and here is what my domain shows


these all options are off…

I am sorry, i just realized that in WHM… we wont be able to delete the certificate that already uploaded…
only the SSL installation can be removed…

now, is there anything that we can do?

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