Cloudflare SSL and web sites




I have a site defended by Cloudflare.

As I understand ,the communication between the internet and by site passes thru Cloudflare and this communication is encrypted (Internet->Cloudflare)?

If I want my site to be considered as an encrypted site. Do I need to install SSL on my real site (hosted on Namecheap) or can I use only the Cloudflare SSL?

Today when you surface to my site via HTTPS you are redirected to HTTP, This is due to a page rule.

If it is possible what do I need to set it up ?




If you want to be fully encrypted, you’ll need to install a certificate at your origin server then change the SSL mode in the Crypto tab at Cloudflare Dashboard to Full (Strict) mode. Note that the certificate must be valid.

More about Cloudflare SSL mode here:

You can also use Cloudflare Origin CA at your origin server if you can’t afford a certificate.