Cloudflare SSL and Godaddy

Hi everybody.

I’m using WordPress and I have Godaddy as the host. I’ve installed an SSL certificate using Cloudflare free SSL certificate but after a couple of weeks, my website was always sending a 520 error. I contacted Godaddy and they said it was a redundant problem that customers face when they use Cloudflare’s free SSL certificate. How can I install this free SSL certificate without having a 520 error in the future?

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I would check your SSL settings in Cloudflare and confirm they can work with GoDaddy. Do you have a certificate installed at GoDaddy? If so make sure your SSL settings are on Full or Full (Strict). Play around with some other settings in the Cloudflare dashboard related to SSL and see if you can get it to work.

Otherwise it’s not on Cloudflare’s end as the error is reporting that the web server is returning a unknown error and you might need to investigate on GoDaddy’s end.

Another thing you could try is changing the orange cloud on the DNS record to grey to see if that would fix anything, then if it does you might be able to troubleshoot the issue more.

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