Cloudflare SSL activated but still my website shows insecure

I am using cloudflare free ssl certificate. My domain name is already activated everything but still my website shows insecure. Why?
Any help thanks in advance.

Do you have a certificate on your server? If not the Cloudflare certificate will be pointless.

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I am having edge and origin certificate from cloudflare only. Do I need more certificate other than cloudflare.

An Origin certificate should be fine. You have that on your server?

Do I need more certificate my website is hosted from Godaddy & I already changed my nameservers tk cloudflare nameservers.I am stuck on this problem from last three days.

Yes for 15 years now I tried disable my universal certificate still godaddy shows invalid certificate.

You cannot disable the universal certificate, you need both.

Ok I enable both still this problem persists.

What’s your encryption mode?

What’s the domain?

my domain is & I also tried some of your answers on cloudflare community.

Certificate is in place but you need to fix your encryption mode. As I mentioned before.

My encryption mode is full.

Change that to Full Strict.


The ‘www’ version of your site works fine. I suggest you add this Page Rule:

Match:* and add a Forwarding URL (301) setting to:$1

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Do I need to change .htaccess file.

Do you have any page rules in place?

And did you change your encryption mode?

Yes I am having page rules ssl and I changed encryption mode.

Can you post a screenshot of your page rules?

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