Cloudflare SSH with vs code

How to use cloudflare access short lived certificate and SSH with vs code remote ssh extension. Any guide?

Here’s the Dev Doc for that:

What’s it is a root user

How to change user name in identity provider

What if we are root user

I don’t think it’s possible to not match the username at the moment. Plus…it’s a bad idea to SSH in as root.

In my opinion I feel is that, being able login as root gives flexibility to edit and if root is disabled then hacker easy enable root access with sudo. What I feel is root is good if are behind cloudflare and firewall

The story is different if you have large members

Can anyone guide me how to add user in ubuntu that has root privileges without sudo or sudo su -

User that replace default root with a new one

I know what are risks but I want to use that user behind cloudflare short lived certificate and ssh. It will be safe as it’s behind teams.

Can I use cloudflare short lived certificate directly in AWS key import or digital ocean. I am a new person please guide. Can i use cloudflare short lived certificate in AWS key or digital ocean directly

I have server with root user, with which I want to enable cloudflare for team’s SSH.

If I want login with root using cloudflare team for ssh then the email should be like this [email protected] but it’s not possible for to switch between accounts for only SSH.

Secondly if I use [email protected] to login with cloudflare into SSH that account (username) will not have root access. I can’t use sudo for file editing right.

I tried to create a secondary root user but it’s not possible I guess.

It would be good if cloudflare enabled a feature were I can use [email protected] to login but login as root.

Anyone has any suggestions then please help, I new to this