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I can’t make my website ranking better with Cloud Flare Pro. Looks like the same or wrost. :frowning:

Follow the link

Can someone give me a hand?


On my end the site looks fine for the size it is. It took 4s to load 8+ MB in 160+ requests, most of the size being the video playing. Cloudflare is actually serving all the content (except the video, but that needs a Cache Everything rule under Page Rules, read below), it’s just that it’s big and so many requests even with HTTP/2 is a lot.

For the Page Rules add a new one, matching what you want (at least*, but you can do what you want) and add the Cache Level -> Cache Everything rule.

Right! So you think its better to group JS requests in 3 or 4 files?

Now it’s caching everything.

Thanks for your help.

Not necessarily, but aggregating hosts (multiple domains/subdomains force multiple connections, which add a DNS + connect + SSL overhead) and to some degree JS/CSS files helps. I would maybe do a group of larger files which change rarely and split out the frequently changing parts. This would reduce the amount transferred (if the Cache-Control header is configured correctly).

The best option would be to add a cache busting part (a version in the name, a version query in the URL, something…), that would allow you to have long expiry dates for the cache (less load to the origin, less downloads for the users. At that point some additional files wouldn’t matter much since people after the first load have them on the machine.

Yeah, you’re right.
Almost all JS files doesn’t change anything.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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