Cloudflare speed testing error 504?

Trying to test speed of site Cloudflare comparison and getting a 200 error. Also, I’m seeing a 504 error below that says api request failed api/v4/zones/ae9e89c9093c12dbe5e5fadc0dd4c90d/speed_testing

Status Code 200 should not be an error, as it stands for a OK 200 OK - HTTP | MDN

Please take some proper speed test tools/benchmark tools, not any of Cloudflare’s internal, very bad and awful tests, which do only serve one purpose: to magnetize their own products.

Please go with:

  1. Google Pagespeed Insights
  3. GTmetrix
  4. WebPageTest

Cloudflare does not really give you any useful hints on what you should improve, nor how your site performs on Cloudflare compared to any other CDN, but they just show you how it performs compared to not having a CDN at all… this is actually very poor. Can’t recommend any Benchmark/Website test from Cloudflare so far.

Sad but true…

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