Cloudflare speed optimisation enquiry

Hi Community,

Please advise we are able to toggle/control any of these features:

Cloudflare Images - to serve images via their CDN

Cloudflare Polish - for image optimisation and webP conversion

Cloudflare image resizing

Cloudflare auto minify

Cloudflare Brotli compression

Cloudflare Fonts - to rewrite third party fonts to be delivered from website’s origin

Cloudflare Rocket Loader - JS derferring

Cloudflare Prefetch URLs

Cloudflare Smart Tiered Caching

Cloudflare Cache Reserve

Cloudflare Early Hints & Crawler Hints

Thanks and cheers!

Several are independent of plan level, such as Images/Resizing, Cache Reserve.

Polish requires a paid plan: Pro or above.

Prefetch URLs is Enterprise only.

It’s all listed here:

Hi Sdayman,

I am currently on Pro Plan.
Can i know based on above checklist what features are available to me?


It’s as I said before. If I didn’t mention a restriction, it’s free. Which one are you not clear on?