Cloudflare Spectrum - UDP?


I would like to ask if there is some way to purchase Cloudflare Spectrum solely just for UDP, as I have a game server based on UDP that is constantly being attacked.

As I am not somebody in enteprise/business, I thought that such solutions may cost thousand(s) of dollars - it would be great if there was the possibility that such a product could be out there for the average consumer who may be ready to spend 50$/mo for such service.

Thank you!

Assuming UDP was given to Pro customers, $50/mo would be 5GB of bandwidth included with Pro and 30GB of overage bandwidth.

Let’s use Minecraft as an example - a random Google search says that it’s 100 Megabytes per hour per player for Minecraft - so if you had 10 players, you’d have 3 hours until your $30 worth of bandwidth is used up.

tl;dr even if UDP was moved from Enterprise ($$$$$ per month) to Pro, you’re still paying $1 per GB of bandwidth & would run out of bandwidth within a day.

Spectrum really doesn’t make sense until you are an Enterprise ready to spend 5 figures a month on bulk discounts. Places like TCPShield resell it for 3.5% the self-serve price.


The thing is, perhaps it‘d be possible if the filtering wouldn‘t be on 24/7, instead if there was some mitigation (similarly to how OVH did things), only then would the bandwidth be used. Otherwise the proxy just forwards the traffic and doesn‘t use the expensive filtering hardware…

But thanks for answering anyways, I just ever wondered if UDP support for spectrum could‘ve ever been delivered to the average customer - and if it really isn‘t possible, I am glad to have asked since I‘d be enlightened regarding this.

What you are proposing about having the filtering on and off is essentially what magic transit and similar products to; it would be incredibly more expensive to rent and own.

CF Spectrum/Magic transit are cool; however, even if those reached the general public(pro/biz), you’d have issues with response times from support due to attacks that manage to skim through the firewall (no solution is bulletproof and AFAIK Spectrum doesn’t have any way for you to filter L4 attacks manually).

There are better options that you can explore for small-mid range projects. Voxility and Path are two providers that work with smaller customers and they do fine in most of the cases.

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