CloudFlare Spectrum Pricing


I had some questions regarding CloudFlare Spectrum and wondered if anyone could help with some answers.

  1. I am looking to run this on potentially 10+ Dedicated Servers all of which carrying at least 10 Minecraft Servers and each Minecraft server will have a different IP address. How does it work regarding the IP address? Does it give users a new IP to connect to as I am pretty confused.
  2. How easy is auto deployment? E.g if I need to add another server using our automated scripts does this need to be setup manually or can it be automated using an API?
  3. Does Spectrum slightly reduce the end users ping to the server?
  4. If Spectrum detects an incoming attack how does it work? Does it enable some sort of mitigation mode and will this result in any period of downtime for users already connected to the server?
  5. I saw the pricing structure of $1 per 1GB Traffic - Is this correct?

Thank you for your help!

Let’s start with #5, and then we might not have to look at the others.

Yes, it’s expensive. Have you estimated the cost of the Pro Plan for that domain, then $1 per GB above the 5GB used for that zone (subdomains under same domain)?

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Following with #4, I believe that Spectrum will re-route traffic if a PoP is saturated making the existing connections drop, however, those are edge cases, in most cases spectrum will simply absorb any connection that is not Minecraft or fails to do the handshake.

#3 Depends on the routing, it could make it worse or better, my guess is that you can notice an improvement in most cases.

#2 You need to add support for the Proxy protocol V1 or V2, I myself worked with a company and I had to add support for Proxy protocol V2, it was not hard to deal with.

#1 Ideally any server thats behind spectrum must be limited to only cloudflare connections and if possible, not even reachable from the internet by setting up a private network.
You retrieve original ip addresses by adding support for proxy protocol.

At the end, what you must pay attention to is the #5. By the size of your services it wouldnt surprise me if you surpassed 20-40TB.

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