Cloudflare Spectrum not working on OVH SP-64-APAC minecraft server

I’ve bought the Pro plan on $20/mo today and linked my minecraft server ip immediately to the Spectrum. But still no luck, the ddos still can bypass.

What I did know is after receiving a lot of traffic, OVH immediately put my server into mitigation infrastructure. Unfortunately I can’t disable that, because in default OVH must protect all of their server using their “smart” Anti DDoS system.

Can someone help? I’m desperately need this since my server have been ddosed for 5 days in a row.

(This could be useful information or not? idk) My outgoing bandwidth have been reduced due to 10TB Traffic Bandwidth/mo limit

The server’s IP didn’t change, so traffic to the IP of the server will go through just fine bypassing Cloudflare. You need to change the IP of the server, activate Spectrum and block all IPs that aren’t Cloudflare’s.

Really, change IP? I can’t do that with my dedicated server. Or adding new IP should be enough?

Adding new IPs, with the old one still there won’t do anything. You need to contact your provider and ask for a new IP. Once the IP is leaked no one can do anything about it. Contacting the IP directly will bypass any CDN or proxy you will ever configure.

I see. Let’s see if this works.