Cloudflare Spectrum in front of enterprise VPN gateway

Curious if anyone has a reliably working configuration with Cloudflare Spectrum in front of a Citrix VPN gateway. In my testing, the Citrix gateway client’s “tunneled application” count continually climbs and never closes any connections until it eventually maxes out at 1024. A normal connection count without Cloudflare in the path hovers between 20 and 40 throughout the day.

This has me curious about Citrix Application Gateway connections, and whether they might suffer from similar Citrix-uniqueness…

And also curious about other IPSEC or SSL VPN options. (Users connecting to a business network, not a consumer privacy VPN product, just to be clear.) So…is anyone using Citrix, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Cisco, or Pulse behind a Cloudflare Spectrum application? Is this idea a lost cause?