Cloudflare Spectrum at $1/gb?

Don’t worry, I don’t need Spectrum nor do I have any production app to actually use it for. (Except I do want to test the latency and how well it performs)

A couple months ago I was looking at the Cloudflare Spectrum page and saw that Hypixel is using it, then I saw the pricing and said no way. One of the dev’s for Hypixel said their server transfers 2PB of data a week. I can assure you that no company would be paying that much for transfer lmao. $1m/week? Impossible lol. Tiktok probably doesn’t even pay that much to Akamai or fastly in a month.

So my two questions are, how does Cloudflare negotiate pricing and who is able to initiate negotiation? Or I guess, DOES Cloudflare negotiate pricing?

My last question is, how do you know if someone is using Spectrum?
Here is a Minecraft servers IP. Is this the canonical name and they’re using spectrum. Hypixel is using Spectrum as well, but this doesn’t show up. Maybe they have a feature to hide it?

Hypixel’s MC server is at and that resolves to IP addresses like These IPs are owned by Cloudflare:

So my two questions are, how does Cloudflare negotiate pricing and who is able to initiate negotiation? Or I guess, DOES Cloudflare negotiate pricing?

Spectrum enterprise plans are definitely negotiable - Spectrum was basically created for hypixel, so I imagine they’ve locked in a reasonable deal for their service size ( if you made me guess, I’d say 50k-100k USD a month; enterprise contracts are secret so I couldn’t say for sure). If you want to inquire about this pricing, you can contact sales by phone or email, but chances are they’re not going to give better rates if you aren’t a typical Enterprise customer.

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Just to point out that apparently TikTok no longer use Fastly, this is a contributor to the wild swings in Fastly share price atm.

I see. Do you happen to know if Hypixel is hosting a Proxy like Bungee at the edge, or are they simply delivering traffic with another proxy like Haproxy or nginx?


They do developer blogs: Search results for query: Dev Blog | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

In particular, see:

Looks like they do use Bungee, at least as of the time of the blog post, 2018:


Whoops, let me correct myself. I meant to ask if that’s what Cloudflare does!

Do you know if Cloudflare use bungee at the edge, or is it something like Nginx/HAProxy etc.


I don’t know for sure, but when Spectrum debuted it was just a Linux hack that allowed for efficient traffic masquerading on a per-port basis:

I would be surprised if the Minecraft spectrum option is anything more than an arbitrary limit on which port can be proxied and (maybe) some DPI to prevent other traffic from being pushed over 25565.

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I think that due to the Minecraft protocol, doing a MITM would invalidate the connection (encryption wants to prevent this explicitly), my guess is that they are only forwarding the packet without inspecting it (this referring to the game part, not the packet as a whole :slight_smile: ). If you performed a MITM on the connection, the servers behind Spectrum would be required to run offline because otherwise, the server wouldn’t be able to auth any client.

Tampering occurs at the header of the packet, so the developer only needs to remove it and then continue the connection normally.