Cloudflare sometimes pointing to old hosting after migration

Hello, I have an interesting problem here. We hosted the site on Bluehost, I turned the CloudFlare on using their administration. After some troubles we have moved the site including the domain and installed the CloudFlare “properly” (DNS change).

However, after couple of hours CloudFlare switched to the old Bluehost site. I checked the records in CloudFlare and there was old IP address (A record). I’ve changed it to the new hosting and everything seems fine since then. But sometimes the site switched to the old bluehost account. After refresh it’s ok again.

Do you have an idea what to do about it? It’s been doing randomly in incognito mode, different browser and even different networks so I don’t think it’s cache problem.


Hi @jakub.zabran I see a lot of DNS record activity from the 12th with different IP addresses being used for the A records, those changes show as done via the user interface as opposed to via API. All the changes show as done by your account (but using a different IP address than you are using here). Are you sure no one else has access to your account to alter the records? Do you recognize the user IP address associated with the changes in your audit log? In instances like this it’s a good idea to change your password and API keys (even though the changes were done via the UI) to ensure account security.

Hi, thanks, that was me. I changed manually the IP address to new one (redacted). Yet, sometime me and my colleague can see the old one (redacted) with this message. Is it possible to check if the old hosting is somehow still connected to the domain?

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I don’t see any entries for the old ip in our system nor your records. The page you shared is served when always online is enabled and the origin is not accessible. I don’t see any reason to think visitors are seeing this as a result of random/unwanted changes to your IP (nor do I see any ip changes that are not done by your account), I am inclined to think it’s an old version in cache. Have you purged cache? It may also be worth contacting your host to see if/why there are issues with the origin server availability.

For how long have these changes to IP been occurring?

The screen above is where the site is pointed to old hosting. It’s the old content and the URLs belongs to the old hosting also (it’s Wordpress and the base url of the old hosting is different - that’s how I’m sure about it).

I’ll try the cache, haven’t done it yet.

I’m seeing these changes since I changed DNS to CloudFlare on new hosting (it was 15/06). But really randomly, so far it’s been just three times and everytime after refresh it went back to normal.

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It may also be worth checking your hosting provider to see if their logs show the server as going offline, the always online page should only appear if we cannot reach the origin.

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