Cloudflare solutions amplify speed and protect Dcard’s global community platform against attacks

Dcard is a popular social platform in Taiwan, with a primarily young user base. Its website provides almost 500 discussion cards with in-depth and diverse content. In addition to cards focused on topics that young people care about, Dcard users also post about interpersonal relationships, emotions and moods. Its other cards include topics such as work, workplaces, stocks, wealth management, and other self-help and growth-related content. Dcard was originally a social networking platform exclusively for college students. Recently, the site opened registration to non-college users as well as people in other regions, including Hong Kong and Japan. Since then, the number of non-college students on Dcard has reached more than 50%.

Dcard anonymizes users, allowing them to communicate freely on the site. When users register, they must provide an ID card or phone number. Therefore, Dcard regards security as one of its top priorities, and ensures that users’ personal information will not get leaked. Additionally, Dcard’s server was originally located in Taiwan, which slowed down response times in other regions, especially Japan and Hong Kong.

Dcard wanted to improve the security of their platform without affecting website performance. However, achieving this balance with an in-house solution is complex, so Dcard decided to look for a more flexible solution from external vendors. Read more.

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