Cloudflare sold me .com that is unavailable

I need help. On November 2020 I purchased a domain here on Cloudflare ( and I have never been able to use it. Turns out I had a hunch to check the WHOIS and Cloudflare doesn’t even own it. You guys have a GLITCH and stole my money by selling me something I can’t even use. Customer support assumes we’re all idiots and sends copy and paste responses. NO. We need help not your assumption that we’re all tech illiterate.

Could you send your ticket ID so this can be elevated?

Was this through Cloudflare Registrar? The new registrations beta has been mostly closed. Or did you do this through +Add Site with a paid monthly plan?


I have checked the ticket that you created with our support team, and that have replied several times regarding your question. Please reply there if you have any further questions or concerns.

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