Cloudflare Soft-locked Me Out Of My Domain & Email

My domain at has been taken for ransom by Cloudflare.

To start, is my portfolio website. The website was used to showcase little pet projects and school group work. A few months ago, I built a ‘Facebook clone’ project. Nothing out of the ordinary, very similar to the old and outdated Facebook UI. It was a single page that had no interactable elements. The website wasn’t even collecting user analytics. I mistakenly used Cloudflare pages to demonstrate this 2 hr project.

I get an email from Cloudflare on March 19th titled “Your Cloudflare account has been suspended”. A second and third email appear, claiming that “Cloudflare received a phishing report regarding your site.” This was from a ‘Phishlabs’, who flagged my facebook clone cloudflare page as an attempted phishing site. No trial, no jury, no last words. Just killed my portfolio website on the spot and told me to contact support. Well, there’s an issue.

The DNS records aren’t accessible for my website My email, REDACTED is now disabled. No messages are coming in. I can still access it through google workspace and view my emails, but can’t use the email to send or receive messages. When I tried adding a new email to my account, it said “You are not able to change account details given your account status.”.

Can’t email them about the issue for my now locked account, I don’t have access to the email attached to the account. Hilarious too that you can’t call or use live chat unless you’re an enterprise. Just one big :fu:

Thanks, Cloudflare.

Hi @design27

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing here.

I can see you have deleted the zone from your Cloudflare account, so we can’t do anything about it right now. But you should be able to create an abuse ticket, that could be sent to our Trust & Safety team, for further investigation and removal of the block.

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