Cloudflare slows down website in specific regions



I admit that Cloudflare greatly improve the loading speed of my websites in most countries (loads in 1-2 seconds) however in a specific regions like Egypt, Shanghai etc it actually do the opposite, it makes the homepage takes 20 to 40 seconds to load. even turning on the “Development Mode” didn’t work.
based on this page it shows that there is a current Cloudflare outage in Egypt, but i think even if there were an outage it should not make the load speed jump to 20-40 seconds especially that my website loads in all the world in 3-7 seconds without cloudflare. Is there any think i can do to fix/prevent this issue?

Update: I tried to use a VPN to change my IP to Germany and the website load speed was fine which confirm that the cloudflare datacenter in Egypt is causing that slowdown, but still wondering why the cloudflare Re-routing is causing that slowness?!


Sorry for the delay. Are you still having issues? Have you submitted a support ticket yet?