Cloudflare slows down load time

Hi. Someone can help me out?
I use three Cloudflare websites. One of them has a serious issue. For now, I put it on hold.
Has not always been an issue, so something happened. My website works just great when Cloudflare is put on hold.
Before that, it was a VERY sluggish loading, taking up to minutes to load. Now it loads in 2 seconds.
What happened and how can I activate Cloudflare again without this problem?
Thanks in advance /Jan

May I know which website is it? Use the preformatted text.


Have you tried using another browser, Internet connection or use a VPN to load the website again but with Cloudflare proxied?

I ran webpagetest but override the DNS to point to Cloudflare IP and it seems like your website can be loaded within few seconds.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this website is on hold at Cloudflare since I can not have a live site that is not working.
Now it works optimally. When I activate Cloudflare the website lags seriously.

I have tried everything else. When putting Cloudflare on hold it worked again.

Also as I mentioned in my previous reply, the way that webpagetest ran was done by overriding the DNS hence I’m able to get the web performance result that was simulating the connection to Cloudflare (or simulating proxy behavior) even though you didn’t proxy it.

If you still having issue loading the site with proxy enabled, I would recommend you to generate a HAR file while you load the site, then share with us the HAR file.

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