Cloudflare slowing down pagespeed insights score

After doing some testing and other fault finding, I found that while using Cloudflare decreases my page speed metrics scores while the site actually loads faster to the eyes.

General information.

With Cloudflare set to “Pause” I get

97% mobile speed
100% desktop speed

With Cloudflare " ON"

70% mobile speed
80% desktop.

Current site configuration.

cPanel - litespeed - On - Cache On
Litespeed config - guest modes - On


Argo Routing On
CCS, JS, HTMP Minify On
All other speed optimisaitons turned on
(Tried with all the above turned off and same results)
(Tried with litespeed server on with plugin installed but cache option in the plugin turned off and same results)

Rules - Bypass cache and performance for wp-admin

Also tried.

“ALL” Cloudflare optimisations turned "OFF’ and same results

Also tried turing off proxy for the A and CNAMES records.

The only way I can seem to get best site speed possible is with Cloudflare in “Paused”

If I disable litespeed fully and use a general site cache plugin the results are

Mobile 30%
Desktop 50%

If I turn on APO this will make no difference to site speed metrics

No local cache plugin minification is turned on either, turning it on does not change results

Removing caching plugins completly, litespeed server disabled, Cloudflare “ON” with our without APO cant get a mobile speed of above 27%

To revist/recap

With lightspeed plugin installed " Guest Mode" and Cloudflare “Paused” I get almost 100%/100% page speed scores.

Additonally, If I remove site from Cloudflare compeltly and point my DNS to my hosting provider and just use a reverse proxy CDN. No issues. 100% page speed metrics with litespeed enabled with best recommended config

Really struggling to find the conflict here.

Hi @matthew.giannelis. Here in the community are some general rules that shall be followed if you want support, specially performance wise:

  1. provide a URL/domain
  2. structure your issue
  3. add provide trackable facts (benchmarks which later can be viewed by us)

I will help you this time :slight_smile:

My domain: _______________


  1. Cloudflare (Pause)
    Desktop: (paste benchmark here)
    Mobile: paste benchmark here (optional)
  2. Cloudflare (:grey:)
    Desktop: (paste benchmark here)
    Mobile: paste benchmark here (optional)
  3. Cloudflare (:orange:)
    Desktop: (paste benchmark here)
    Mobile: paste benchmark here (optional)
  4. Cloudflare (with APO)
    Desktop: (paste benchmark here)
    Mobile: paste benchmark here (optional)
  5. Direct (without Cloudflare)
    Desktop: (paste benchmark here)
    Mobile: paste benchmark here (optional)

About the benchmark to choose from. Please keep in mind that GPSI (google pagespeed insights) is not a good choice to show something, since you at the end do not get any permanent link to a particular run, which makes it very hard for us to look into.

Please go with one of those:


and please keep all settings throughout all tests the same so they are comparable.

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