Cloudflare slow everytime reopen browser

After I implement Cloudflare on my website, my website always takes more than 15s whenever or probably after 3-5 times checking the website by reopening the browser. Appreciate your help, please.

I just tried and initial connection took 35ms. So I can’t reproduce that problem.

Please try to reopen the browser 3-4 times and try. for me it’s taking 20s every time I reopen the browser and check.

I did, I even check on anonym tabs. I can not reproduce the issue here. But that could be an indicator, that your connection itself is bad. Can you try on other Cloudflare based pages?

If you talking about my net speed then it’s 40Mbps. I am opening it from India. I also checked another simple page default.html, which is also behaving the same. If you have any other Cloudflare-based website to check, I can check.

Can’t replicate anywhere:
(small circles are < 1 second, medium is < 2 seconds, large is < 3 seconds)

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I guess this might be a local issue. Checking there are currently 3 indian POPs rerouting. This might be the problem.

@M4rt1n does re-routing take 20s? I checked with my several friends here reporting the same issue.

@sdayman where did you get that result? let me check also.

No when they are rerouting the POPs or the traffic, that means, while they do this the performance is decreased. How long does it take? Untill the status-page does not show “Re-routed” anymore for the POPs you get served from.

DNS reports show a big delay. What could be the issue?

any help, please…? DNS time is under 1s without clouflare but 15s with coudflare…

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