CloudFlare slow down my website Centos 8, Openlitespeed

Hello erveryone.

I want to ask, why cloudflare slow down my site.

My server spec:

  • Centos 8
  • Openlitespeed
  • PHP 7.4.x
  • Redis ON
  • Location : Singapore
  • sites: WordPress 5.4

When i turn off CF, website load fast, but if I activate CF proxy then will slow down my sites 5x more. But before I move server to singapore everything is fine just slow down little bit. But now is very slow.

Server before this

  • Centos 7
  • Openlitespeed
  • PHP 7.4.x
  • Redis ON
  • Location : sillicon valley, US
  • sites : wordpress

Give me insights. Thank you.

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