Cloudflare sites being labeled as malware by ATT

We are using Cloudflare for DNS management, and have a DNS CNAME record direction a subdomain for our web application to where that application is hosted on Netlify.

This setup is working fine EXCEPT for users who are on the ATT Network, for them, the application does not load and shows a message about the website being blocked because it’s “malware”, screenshot below

We’ve tested loading the Netlify subdomain directly on ATT and that works, so we’ve largely narrowed the issue down to somehow Cloudflare <> ATT interaction. We found some older posts on ATT forums about a similar issue that recommended turning off ipv6 since ATT doesn’t like it, but turning ipv6 hasn’t helped.

Wondering if the Cloudflare staff have any thoughts, or if anyone has run into a similar issue?


Thank you for asking.

Hm, I remember there were a few topics when sometimes even Malwarebytes or BitDefender says the same for some other domains/Websites or marked some domains/Websites as “malware” which were using Cloudflare.

I believe this is false positive.

Thank you for your reply! Did you happen to come across any ways to resolve it? ATT is still (unfortunately) one of the largest providers of internet and we can’t have a large chunk of our users not able to access our website - and we really don’t want to transfer off of Cloudflare since I like the service a lot.

May I ask does the ATT give every of it’s customers their ATT Internet Security as a product which comes pre-installed at the each of their router which is provided to their cusomters, or rather this is installed individually per each customer of their choice just like any other Security product (ESET, Kaspersky, …) if the user wants to use (or not)?

May I ask have you tried to write a ticket or to the forums to ATT Support or directly to the support of their product yet?


That tool is managed by AT&T. You should contact them to ask them why it is flagging the domain, Cloudflare has no control over what AT&T decides to block or allow on behalf of its users.

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