Cloudflare + Siteground staging issues

I’m hoping someone can help- I’m trying to set up a staging site with Siteground however I’m running into some issues (see screenshot). I’ve reached out to Ezoic but haven’t heard back yet but thinking it may be an issue with my Cloudflare account- I’m using the free version.



Hi @yvette,

You’d increase your changes of getting help here in the community about your issue if you post a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS tab (for your own security, please obfuscate all IP addresses).

However, I believe only Support would be able to help you with the issues Dimitar is referring to (“why the records are changing without any action done on your end”).

You can reach Cloudflare Support by clicking on the “Cloudflare Support” link at the top of this page, then choosing the last option, “Get more help”.

Check your audit logs for how/when chnaged. You may have a 3rd party tool configured to check/modify records. If that is the case it needs to be disabled/modified or you can rotate your API key to prevent it from making automated changes.

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