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When I access my Account section/Speed it says ( Visitors to your website see content in 4.9 seconds on Cloudflare.

That’s 60% faster!)

but that seems to be far from the truth since my GTmetrix and google lighthouse score aren’t saying the same thing, does this have to do anything with me not purchasing the pro plane , what do I do to gain more site speed, please know that my website is very rich with visualities and I can’t get rid of them so any ideas guys ?

Hm yeah about the SpeedTest/SpeedBenchmark of CloudFlare:

For me this is not a reliable test, nor is it professional and transparent and does not give you are valuable details on how really improve your site then advertising some CloudFlare products like and you are not getting told what exactly it means when they write “on CloudFlare” as they may have activated some expensive products and show you what it could be.

But also the “Without CloudFlare” mode is not described because this still can be measured while beeing proxied but just not speed up or with “Cache: BYPASS” forced to everything.

Another thing thats very unique at CloudFlares test they seem to always test from somewhere within the USA:

And while my server is located in germany obviously the benchmarks looks was better when measured from somewhere far away as then the CDN effect kicks in and everything will be faster, but is my site really faster when requested from somewhere where my real audience is coming from and they are not comming from the USA apparently?
Your tests are limited to 4 or 5 a month and there is apparently just one test location.

I in total can not really recommend testing with CloudFlares benchmark but I can recommend testing with WebPageTest which have been proven to be very usefull and also is able to measure your origin if you configurate the “Advanced settings”:

properly to directly connect to your origin server by setting up a “Host Resolver Rules”:

You then obviously also should enable the option “Ignore SSL Certificate Errors” here:

Thats the only reliable way I can recommend to test your site if you want to compare Speed while using CloudFlare again your origin without CloudFlare.

On the other hand, yes purchasing a Pro or Business Plan does indeed speed up your site expecially if you are not able to natively optimize your site and therefore you can use CloudFlares service to faster transfer your site to your clients. I anyway can recommend upgrading to Pro Plan as it gives you very good additional unctionality and boost for such less money. So there is nothing wrong with CloudFlares products, just the SpeedTest is not very detailed and therefore I do not rely on.

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Thank you so much for your response it was very helpful, I’m actually palnnning on upgrading to the pro plan and give it a shot as it seems so promising however I should really pay more attention to my site speed as it is so important to get good resutls specially when I’m running an ecommerce site but again thank you so much for your message it was very helpful

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