Cloudflare Site Speed vs Google Site Speed

Hello, This is all very new to me and I am not technical. We are seeing improvements so that is good. I have noticed a nice increase in our speed in various speed test sites: Pingdom, Google etc. but they do not seem reflected in the speed information I am seeing in Cloudflare. Is this an issue that it takes some time before improvements in site speed are reflected in Cloudflare or is it something else.


They both have different methods of testing. For Google PageSpeed read Performance Tutorials - Google PageSpeed & to understand how the score and individual metrics are based on both field and lab data tested.

While Cloudflare’s Browser Insights/Speed is more webpagetest for Speed and real world metrics for CF Browser Insights via a beacon script CF inserts randomly on your pages.

Cloudflare Site Speed tab metrics aren’t updated right now, you have to contact CF tech support for them to manually reset the CF Speed Tab metrics which you re-run by visiting that page.

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