Cloudflare site seal for website


OK we have given up now with Globalsign you can only use it with the Business plan or above.

Could anyone tell me what is the best site seal to go with using Cloudflare for the website? The range of sites with different advice is staggering even on the Cloudflare website. From Cloudflare seals to Comodo. What’s the difference?

Any advice appreciated.


Can you elaborate on the conflicting information you are seeing? Specifically from Cloudflare?


I’ve been curious if someone on Universal SSL could slap a trust seal on the site that corresponds to the issuer of the Cloudflare cert that’s been provided. If I had more time to experiment, I’d look into the reliability of such seals.

I think the reason there’s not much documentation on this is that Cloudflare could very well switch certificate providers for your particular site which would negate the effectiveness of having that seal on your site. It’s too much of a hassle to notify all users on that certificate every time (and all over Cloudflare) every time they issue a different certificate.


Hi Ryan, it’s not so much conflicting but plain confusing. There doesn’t seem to be an easy to find link to “What cert. to use and how to put it on your website”.

This page here is telling you to install the Globalsign seal.

What it doesn’t say is you need a business plan. That could have saved me a week trying to figure out why it wasn’t working.


What is cloudflare’s relationship with Comodo?

I wouldn’t mind having a site seal like this:



I’m assuming you already visited the logos page that has our site seals.

However, if you are looking for a Cloudflare seal that also details the :cert: issuer, we don’t have that. You’d probably want to include two badges.

They are one of the SSL :cert: issuers that we work with.


I believe @ian2’s question was specifically regarding site seals. It would be helpful if we could have something to inject into our pages that would dynamically show the appropriate Trusted Site Seal for whatever CF generated :cert: was sent with the page. If this could include Universal SSL and Dedicated certificates, that would be ideal, and this way CF can change their certificate provider and tweak the delivered site seal to match. It could also be another revenue source for CF, if a more expensive Cert/package is needed to attract a Site Seal.

I can imagine it being a widget that the official CloudFlare WordPress plugin provides, and also a javascript snippet to match what is offered on the Logo and Web Badges page. I’d guess it could also be offered as a CloudFlare App somehow.

Even if none of this is developed, it would be beneficial to advertise which SSL trust badges can be used with the CF provided :cert: so we as web devs can proceed accordingly.


When you say two badges, are you referring to both the CloudFlare one and the Comodo one? Reason I ask is I have gone in circles trying to figure out what badge to display for your paid certificates, how to get the badge, and if it is even worth it to pay the extra money for them. As far as I can tell, there is no benefit to them whatsoever aside from being only issued to the one site and not a bunch of websites sharing the same certificate. You can’t display the digicert logo because they are not technically digicert certificates, but you said you don’t have seal that also details the certificate issuer, so what seal should you show. It makes it very confusing considering you guys make it very easy to buy, issue, and manage certificates.