Cloudflare shows the old site

Hi. I and our team have been struggling with this issue for the last 3 weeks. I have tried everywhere for the solution to it, I noticed there were a few questions about it in this forum but the answers in it didn’t fix our issue. So our website is on a server called Vultr which uses Plesk. The site is It was on our core members’ own personal server and it was on Cloudflare at that time. When we migrated to vultr server we noticed that whatever edits we do, it doesn’t show up or update. We have a different domain (on same server) which is also on Cloudflare (both domains from godaddy) but as soon as we edit something in this one it immediately updates.

We decided to remove the from the Cloudflare and after that we could edit everything and things work as it should. Even after 2 weeks when we just add it to Cloudflare it shows the old website (which is almost a month old and the files for it is not even on our server). I have fiddled with dns serves and almost every option available in Cloudflare. Purging, “always on” off, development mode on.

I have also used 2 different cloudflare accounts which gave me different nameservers to work with and added them to godaddy/plesk with no success

Is there anyone that could help us resolve this issue. has been working fine without any issues and we would really like to add to Cloudflare

Both domains are using Cloudflare at the moment and both show the same content

The only thing, is not proxied. I am afraid I am not sure what the exact issue is.

The only issue I would currently notice is that does not have a valid certificate on your server and hence is insecure. isn’t in cloudflare right now. I deleted it because it shows the old site when I add it.

I can add it again and it takes about 5min to show up as the old site. Would you like to see it?

It actually is

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:  nameserver =  nameserver =

It just is not proxied. But you should fix the certificate issue as well.

well I’m right now in Cloudflare account and the only website that is there is our I’m now adding the to it so you can see the issue for yourself. Certificate issue is a quick fix…

Then you removed it from Cloudflare but did not change the nameservers. That’s actually not a good idea as that can allow others to hijack your domain’s content.

Also, you might have difficulties adding it back now. Anyhow, add it back and it should work. I presume the content posted earlier is the correct one, right?

And yes, fix the certificate of your .org domain.

Well it hasn’t work for the last 3 weeks. As soon as it get’s up to Cloudflare it shows up as the old site. There are 4 different people who have looked in to this and none know where the issue lies. is what it’s supposed to look like

For me the two sites look identical. Add it back and then let’s check.

It’s back to the old one. Is there a way to upload images here?

Your site is cached on Cloudflare. Run a purge everything.

Done like 35 times


You need to clear the Cloudflare cache, not something at your host’s.

that’s what I mean, purge everything multiple times

And you did not get any error or something of that sort?

In that case I am afraid it would seem as if the cache purge was not working for you for some reason and you’d need to clarify this with support. Open a ticket and tell them that it would seem your cache is stuck and cannot be purged and the Age header shows that it has been cached for hours, even though you just ran a purge.

You can also try to disable the cache everything rule, though that won’t purge the cache, but should it get purged it would not immediately cache again.

I just purged everything one more time. I have tried to contact support few times, just today put out another ticket. I know they are busy but this is stopping us from adding the site to cloudflare and is kind of a urgent issue.

Opening more than one ticket is not a good idea. Just make sure you respond to automated replies you might get, otherwise they might close it.

For the time being you probably best pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right corner) until the cache issue has been fixed.