Cloudflare shows no traffic, despite traffic through Google Analytics / me testing



My website is
Cloudflare shows almost no traffic for the past few days:
The flatline I’ve received 3 - 6 requests per day from jan 9th to today, I know that people visited my blog through google analytics and I’ve checked out my website many times in private browsing mode.

My website served 8000 requests on jan 8th. My DNS is still set to Cloudflare, and it looks like it all works. Is the analytics anything I should be worried about? I’ve purged cache, but the analytics seem to have died.

Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Is that the Analytics that goes along with the DNS settings page that tells you to use the Beth & rocky name servers? There’s always the slight chance you’re logged into the wrong Cloudflare account for that domain.


Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings? Redact IP addresses if necessary. My assumption is your record is not proxied but points to another service which is also using Cloudflare. If that is the case Cloudflare cant record your traffic (except for DNS queries).