Cloudflare shows namerservers not updated, but icann shows them pointing to cloudflare

I’ve updated my nameservers, yet Cloudflare doesn’t recognize it. the Icann site shows the right nameservers, double checked them… what now?

What domain?

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Sorry the app won’t let me post the address. .com

found the problem. I misspelled my domain name. argh

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That part sucks. :cry:

Still happy to hear that you found the issue though!

Did you misspell it during the registration at your registrar, or just while adding the domain to Cloudflare?

The former could be harder (financially) to fix, as you would technically have to buy the “correct” name (if available), where latter would as easy as just adding the one with the correct spelling to Cloudflare.

Name servers not being updated can however just be a matter of patience, as it can easily take in the area of 48 - 96 hours to propagate out to the full Internet.


misspelled it when adding to Cloudflare - I left out a letter!


were you successful at adding the site @m.woeppel?


yeah, thanks for the follow up!


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