Cloudflare shows it is not working in my page

Hi there!
My site ( theoretically is connected with Cloudflare but when i test it (, it shows it is not using a CDN!
Even it looks “Active” when i login in my Cloudflare page.
Would you please help me to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Aroldo Bispo

Did you sign up through a Cloudflare partner? The nameservers aren’t Cloudflare for me:

$ dig NS +short

My hosting is

It’s not going through Cloudflare. Looking at the HTTP response headers, there’s nothing from Cloudflare.

I have two separate packs hosting with the same hosting company.
one site is looking to be working correctly with Cloudflare
just it is not working…

As noted, you’re not using Cloudflare’s name servers for sanandolatierra and the headers show it’s not going through Cloudflare. You’ll have to check with your hosting company as to why it’s not going through Cloudflare.

As I said, in the same company, one site ( working correct with Cloudflare.
But the other site ( it is not working. Do you thing may be server miss configuration?

Not the server, but the web host. Contact them to see what the problem is.

I will.
Thank you for your prompt to help.
I really appreciate it!

Aroldo Bispo

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Hi there

I just check in my cPanel, i am having this message “Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel” in both domain ( where Cloudflare seems to be working and in where it is not working)
My hosting said, they are aware about it but waiting for a Cloudflare update in this regard.
It is position correct from them, and all i need to do is keep waiting from your update?


Cloudflare’s API isn’t down ( so I have no idea why they would be waiting for “a Cloudflare update”. Maybe they mean a support ticket.

Hi there
After i contact my hosting for support, they fixed the cPanel Cloudflare plugin that was not working.
But my site ( still not showing like is behind a Cloudflare.

What should i do next?


Your host still needs to get this to work. There’s nothing we can do from here.

Pretty weird DNS. resolves to a 192.99 address, which isn’t owned by Cloudflare. Since this is a hosting partner, it’s up to them to ensure it works.

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Would you please tell me how supposed to be ["]( resolves to a 192.99 address"?


$ dig +short

Your host doesn’t have it going through the Cloudflare network, even though the control panel shows that it is.

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