Cloudflare Shows Error 525 on GoDaddy Wordpress

I have a GoDaddy Wordpress managed site. I use Cloudflare as a proxy. All was working until yesterday when Cloudflare shows error 525.

I read somewhere that the error is produced by not using FLEXIBLE SSL along with the Flexible SSL plugin. So, I changed Cloudflare to Flexible and turned on the plugin. That fixed the error 525, but then I got an error 520 short after.

Did something recently change with Cloudflare? I’m also using ARGO in my settings. I was under the impression that Cloudflare cached the pages to proxy, and if the server was ever down, it will just show the cached page. That doesn’t seem to be happening, unless it’s caching the error pages.

If I DISABLE Cloudflare, everything works! GoDaddy is working fine, but I don’t like that the server is being exposed without the proxy/cache.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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