Cloudflare shows content even though I never used the service

Hi everyone,

in November 2021 I canceled and deleted the domain I have never used the Cloudflare service, and my previous provider has nothing to do with Cloudflare either.

Now someone else has registered the domain Calling the website shows old content, that is around one year old. As a result, all of the data is no longer correct.

What can I do so that the old content is not displayed when I visit

thank you

Good question. They may have scraped your content, or maybe your old provider still has your domain hosted, then someone just added your (now their) domain to Cloudflare so it’s proxying from the old host. Or at least the scraped content.

I’m afraid there’s not much you can do about what people post on their own domain. I suppose you could try filing an abuse complaint here on grounds of Copyright or Trademark.


Many thanks for the quick response.

With my cancellation in November 2021, the old provider did not continue to host domain or web space. The content that is now delivered, corresponds roughly to a status from January or February 2021, so it is much older.

From the current DNS entries from I can see that two A records lead to Cloudflare servers, and

This means that Cloudflare servers deliver old and stolen content, either directly or indirectly. And I can’t change anything about it, because neither I nor my previous provider have ever worked with Cloudflare and therefore cannot make any contractual changes.

I see Cloudflare responsible for correcting this problem.

I filled out the abuse form. However, I have little hope that anything will be achieved through this.

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