Cloudflare Showing 520 Error Instead Of 404

When I go to several non-existent pages on my website, for example,, Cloudflare is showing a 520 error. All of these pages do not and have never existed on my website so I would think it should show a 404.

I only noticed this because now I have a lot of errors showing up in my Google Search Console.

I purged my Cloudflare cache and that did not work. Any ideas on how to fix this? I want those URL’s to return a 404 as they should.

That would suggest your webserver is returning an invalid response for non-existing resources.

Whats an actual URL?

That URL does not seem to return a 404 on your server, but rather a 500.
A 500 should be typically tunnelled through, but maybe there is something else off too.

I’d recommend you go through your server logs and find why it throws a 500 and fix that. I’d assume that should also fix the error Cloudflare is receiving.