Cloudflare showing 403 for only specific ip address from my dynamic ip addresses

Cloudflare keeps showing 403 for specific IP address from the dynamic ip address that my ISP provided.

I have been testing it by bypassing WAF for country where I’m from to see the event logs and seeing what’s causing the issue. I have tested it multiple times so far, It only seem to show 403 error when ever my IP is ending with 198, If I just switch on and off my wifi i can access from diffferent IP so the rest of the IP addresses it doesn’t have any such issue’s and no I have not configured or added any ruleset/page rules or whatever. Just the basic settings that I have enabled from cloudflare for CDN, cache, DDos and DNS configured.

I have tried all the solutions regarding 403 error from available solutions online and even from cloudflare community forums, The issue seems only with that particular IP address ending with 198. The issue doesn’t seem to persist whenever I disable cloudflare so the issue is mostly from the cloudflare.

I’m not sure what is causing this, but Cloudflare might have blocked traffic from your ip. Maybe they think it’s a bot, vpn or proxy. If it happens with all IPs ending in 198, then that might be an issue on Cloudflare’s side.

You might try reviewing your rules and possibly turning off protection to see if that fixes your issue. I think you have to have a paid account to turn off all protection though, but you should be able to disable most of it.

Like I mentioned I already tried all the solutions, I tried to pause clouflare on my website it works normally that time. It’s definitely an issue from cloudflare

Okay. I would make a Support Ticket then. In case you haven’t yet, try visiting other sites that use Cloudflare with the same IP and see if the issue is still there.

I haven’t created the support ticket hoping this forum could be helpful for someone in the future as well.

I tried visiting other sites with cloudflare on them, it doesn’t seem to have any issues it’s only on my website I guess

I tried checking your events log for the ray-ID in your second screenshot, but it looks like it may already be past 24 hours so its not showing up in the log anymore.

Next time you get blocked, take note of the ray-ID. You can use this to add a filter to the security events logs. Or alternatively you can use the filter action equals block. Once you are able to find the specific request in the events log, you can see which rule triggered the block. You can then edit or disable that rule.


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