Cloudflare should update

I hope cloudflare updates the dns that is put in secure dns settings in google chrome app in android sometimes when you set a secure dns in the google chrome settings in privacy and security settings in google chrome android app it gets a bug where it does not appear in which shows that it is not connected in cloudflare server and it shows that doh or dns over https is not enabled. Here is the original link of the

Connected to No
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) No
Using DNS over TLS (DoT) No
Using DNS over WARP No
AS Name Cloudflare
AS Number 13335
Cloudflare Data Center LAX

Connectivity to Resolver IP Addresses Yes Yes
2606:4700:4700::1111 Yes
2606:4700:4700::1001 Yes

I don’t know why it shows that it is not connected to cloudflare dns server maybe because i have 3 dns setup that i am using one is and the other is in the main android settings. And the other is set in my browser in privacy and security settings which is set to cloudflare in my browser settings. And my question is does the dns get a bug if i use 2 dns in my main mobile device dns settings and use another secure DNS settings in my google chrome app in privacy and security settings in google chrome browser app or is it okay to use 2 dns in the main settings and set another in the browser privacy and security settings because sometimes it say that my dns is not connected to cloudflare dns server and that doh or dns over https is not enabled which the above sample is shown. I already used cloudflare dns which is in the browser settings but i am also using and in the main dns settings of my mobile device. Is it a bug that needs to be updated but i also enabled do not track settings and always use secure secure connections which forces http to use https and privacy sandbox is also enabled. Maybe that is why the DOH and cloudflare dns server is not enabled or detected. I just wanted to know why it does this. Is it a bug or maybe its the other settings that i enabled which is causing the dns settings to have a bug?

Your AS Name is Cloudflare, which means your DNS uses Cloudflare. currently has a bug that shows you’re not connected to it while you actually are. Here is a related thread: is broken and often shows wrong diagnosis - #6 by hdsnf723
Use this website in the meantime:, just run a Standard test. If it shows Cloudflare as ISP, you’re good.

This bug should now be resolved. Could you check again? @user2673

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