Cloudflare should serve a bunch of JSON files... which Cloudflare product do I need?

I built a static website using Jekyll CMS (static website generator).
Big part of the site (*.html, *.css, *.png) does not change, or change, let say, once per month. But, part of the site: about 60 *.json files, each about 1-3MB size - these files are changed (generated) 3 times per day.

I would like to put these *.json files “into Cloudflare” ))) Which product do I need for this?

I was thinking about several scenarious:

  1. To use “Direct upload” function of the Cloudflare Pages.
    It means - to built site on my machine and to upload everything into Cloudflare (commands like “wrangler pages publish …”). Every time these *.json files changes I just upload everything.
    I should configure my custom domain, and thats it.
    Is this a correct approach?

  2. Imagine my site already exist somewhere.
    Can I use Cloudflare to serve these *.json files from a subdomain of the existing site?
    Would be great to update only this subdomain 3 times per day.
    I do not know which Cloudflare product/feature supports this…

Use Cloudflare R2 and a custom domain, i.e

These files will be cached, saving on operations - of which, you get 10,000,000 reads per month for free.

Cloudflare Pages is not meant for this purpose (just storing static files for other websites) and would require you to re-upload all files, even if only one changes.

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