Cloudflare should launch an Ad Network to compete with Google AdSense


Long time Cloudflare user and contributor here.

I just had the craziest idea, but I think it could be a great opportunity for Cloudflare and publishers to collaborate on a whole new level.

I think Cloudflare should start its own Ad Network to compete with Google AdSense.

Google pretty much has a monopoly when it comes to online advertising. With Google Ads and AdSense, they are controlling both ends of the spectrum and raking in unlimited profits. Unfortunately, this is only good for Google and its shareholders. Publishers and Advertisers are suffering from this, since Google gets a huge commission from both parties. For publishers, Google takes 32% of revenue, leaving 68% to the publisher. For advertisers, I’m not sure how much Google gets, but it’s probably excessive as well. When you think about it, 32% is A LOT. For a publisher, this means if they generate $1000 in revenue in one month, Google takes $320 and leaves only $680 to the publisher.

Another issue that is becoming more and more problematic with AdSense is policy violations and the way they’re being managed by AI. For the past year or so, Google has been implementing and enforcing more and more policies. For me, this means articles about cute puppies and funny family pictures have constantly been getting wrongly flagged for sexual / shocking content. It also means that for the past month or so, my revenue has dropped by around 95% because of a possible bug in their invalid traffic / invalid clicks detection system. This is something that is currently impacting thousands of publishers around the world, yet they aren’t doing anything about it. Everything at Google seems to be managed by AI now, and it clearly shows how their AI implementation is incredibly bad at managing complex issues.

So as you can see, AdSense quickly went from a good Ad Network to something a lot of publishers secretly despise. So I believe it is time for player 2 to enter the game. But player 2 needs to be a great player with great skills if he wants to be able to compete with Google. I believe Cloudflare is the perfect player 2.

I think this would not only add tremendous value to Cloudflare’s already booming business, but it would most certainly also please publishers, advertisers and shareholders. I believe Google has now completely abandoned publishers, and Cloudflare has a great opportunity to save the day.

We should let our imagination to work from time to time :smiley:

Disclamer: I am not an Cloudflare employee.

At first tought from my point of view, I do not see the point how would Cloudflare monetize it actually. Also, I do not see why should Cloudflare go that way.

Moreover from the Cloudflare standing and mission, here:

Run your own Website with your own ads (without Google AdSense), let others pay for your ad placement and earn some money that way or by publishing articles. Or either, some of us use eZoic or some other ad network. Google AdSense is not the only one here at the moment.

Or use Revive AdServer to server your own ads at your websites.

Have you already written to Google about that? What did Google said?

Well, not just Google. If we do not like it where that goes, unfortunantly we should disconnect and not use that tools either.

There are other solutions and ad networks too.

May I ask how exactly Google did that abandonence to publishers, and doesn’t Cloudflare already save millions of seconds (which is time right?) all around the World for the end-users and also has partnered up with much companies?

But, open to hear other opinions too.

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Nice, they already have some tech for this Cloudflare Firebolt Firebolt: the fastest, safest ads on the web


With Firebolt, ad networks can instantly speed up and secure their ads, resulting in happy consumers and better conversion rates.

Firebolt delivers:

Lightning fast ad delivery

Cloudflare’s global network of 102 data centers in 50 countries, combined with routing and performance technologies, makes the delivery of online ads to any device up to five times faster.

Free, simple SSL

Adding SSL to ad serving has been challenging for some ad networks. Cloudflare has years of experience providing free, one click SSL for our customers. Firebolt ads are automatically available over SSL with no complex process of getting and maintaining SSL certificates.

Firebolt includes AMP for Ads

Firebolt enables any independent ad network to leverage the new AMP ad format easily. This makes it possible for ads to appear in AMP content served by Google and an increasing number of sites. Firebolt is the only independent way to serve the newly announced AMP for Ads outside of Google’s advertising network.

Cryptographically signed ads

All ad content delivered by Firebolt for AMP for Ads is cryptographically signed to ensure that it meets the required format and security standards. Signed ads reduce the risk of malware and increase confidence in ads for consumers.

The most advanced browser security

Firebolt ads take advantage of web browser security features including CORS, X-Content-Type-Options and Strict-Transport-Security to ensure the integrity of ads delivered to browsers.

A faster, safer Internet for everyone

Firebolt takes us one step closer to making the Internet a better place by benefitting everyone in the ad ecosystem, including the consumer.

During a recent test, ad platform TripleLift used Cloudflare’s Firebolt to serve AMP ads on Time Inc.'s properties. Ads loaded six times faster and Time Inc. saw 13 percent more revenue relative to traditional ads. “ Cloudflare was easy to set up, and we saw an impressive difference in the speed of ad delivery with Firebolt’s support for AMP for Ads ," said Shaun Zacharia, co-founder and President of TripleLift. " AMP Ads loaded six times faster and were three times lighter than comparable standard ads. "


Ahh, advertisements, yeah :slight_smile:


Cloudflare doesn’t store/sell/multi site track clients. It probably would never step into advertising, because of its policy that CF store the absolute minimum of data on clients, not max data on clients, so it stays exempt from data privacy laws/things to subpeona.