Cloudflare + shared hosting for deploying

Hello, I’m getting started with JS frameworks, I have been making Wordpress websites mostly using shared or Vps hosting plans but they aren’t very JS friendly. I want to keep using my regular servers but not to deploy the websites/apps on them.

Basically I have a few questions:
Can I deploy production projects with technologies like Vue, Nuxt, Gatsby, headless CMS using Coudflare to render the application and my usual hosting would be the origin server (Just files) ?

Can the origin server (shared or vps hosting) be the Git repository ?

Is it doable on free Cloudflare plans? Does this even make sense?
Thanks id advance!

Cloudflare Pages supports a bunch of frameworks like Vue, Nuxt and Gatsby, full guide list both from static rendered and using SSR. Pages is free

I don’t know what you are looking for from the origin provider, but Pages works with GitHub and GitLab and directly uploading files.

Thank you sir. Yes I read the documentation about pages, it just sounds too good to be true! I guess I will try it to see by myself. Thanks again.

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