CloudFlare setup questions

Thanks in advance for your help. We have 2 questions.

  1. We started to setup Cloudflare and added our site to the portal. The initial scan completed and missed several a records and CNAME references. Why would it miss certain items? Is there a way to re-scan or should we just add the missed sites manually?

  2. We would like to use Duo multi-factor authentication. Is this possible? Please provide instructions.


Phil Mentesana
New Mountain Capital

  1. Cloudflare scans existing records using a list of the most popular subdomains, so it’s likely it’ll miss any domain-specific records that not many other domains use. You should manually add any missing references.

  2. Duo MFA isn’t available, instead there’s Authy or regular TOTP.

Also: you should know that in your DNS, a grey cloud :grey: means the record will not be proxied by Cloudflare (DNS-only, no DDOS protection/caching/etc), an orange cloud :orange: means the records will be proxied and you get the benefits of Cloudflare.
A good resource:

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