Cloudflare Settings

Hello, I have quite recently pursued the $20 every month. I’m trusting there are a few masters that would be thoughtful enough to help. I’ve recorded my inquiries.

I’d like my site to stack as quick as could be expected under the circumstances however securely and without mistakes and so on.

I’m stressed over some survey locales saying that on certain nations a captcha appears before individuals can see my site. This is a major no. I truly don’t need this.

Access - not certain on the off chance that I should empower get to.

Storing - not certain what to set the reserving level to - no inquiry string, overlook or standard.

Page rules - I simply changed my landing page to consistently be http/2

System - not certain what settings to use by any means

Traffic - not certain in the event that I should empower Argo and Argo burrow and so forth

Stream - not certain to empower this.


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