Cloudflare settings while having SSL installed on my host

Hey guys! I have a question regarding Cloudflare settings.
I have an Alidropship plugin installed, which is crucial for me. It auto updates price changes with suppliers and inventory stock.

  1. Alidropship support insists on having HTTPS in Site Address and WordPress address URLS (General settings in wp admin). I checked it and indeed the plugin does not work if HTTP set as recommended by many YouTube tutorials.
    How does it affect functioning of Cloudflare if I have HTTP there? Some people recommend keeping it on HTTP. I must mention that my host has already SSL certificate installed for my site.
  2. What are recommend setting in Cloudflare when I already have HTTPS, SSL installed on my site?
  3. Do I need any Cloudflare plugins installed on my site in my case?
  4. Will Cloudflare affect my price and inventory stock constant updates?

Thank you!

As long as you have SSL installed on your server, you can use Cloudflare’s Crypto setting of Full (Strict). Then you’ll be all set.

Cloudflare by default doesn’t cache dynamic content. Your updates should show up immediately.

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Thanks mate. When setting up Full (STRICT) do I need to do any additional settings compared to just Full?

Do I also need to do anything with TLS? It’s an online store.

Full (Strict) is like Full, but in stereo. Nothing extra necessary. But it’s good to enable “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”.

TLS is actually the proper term for SSL. So if you’re looking at the Minimum Version, I use 1.2, and for the 1.3 farther down, I enable it with 0RTT.

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Great advice! Short and to the point. Appreciate it, mate!

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