Cloudflare settings when cloudflare is the registrar

Cloudflare is my Registrar for many urls. All your help articles are for finding A records, Cname, etc. on godaddy or the like. Where can I find this information for urls registered at Cloudflare?

Everything was quite easy and well documented when i used godaddy or namecheap - but there seems to be no documentation when using Cloudflare as registrar of the domain names. - or at least i can’t seem to find a way to type it so it come up in the search.

Your DNS records for any domain should match the DNS records at the webhost where your site is located. Once your site is on Cloudflare, it should have already imported (or you typed them in) the DNS records necessary for your domain to function. hungrydictator doesn’t look to have DNS records, so you would have to get those IP addresses from the web host.

Forwarding/Redirect is done through a Page Rule in the domain that’s doing the forwarding. You would Match: and add a URL Forwarding (Code 301) setting to go to the new site.

Instructions for these procedures are at

If you post a specific task you’re trying to accomplish, we can help you through the steps to get it to work.

I’m trying to forward/redirect a domain to another, therefore, it is not hosted - so what do i do?

I followed the directions you suggested, but keep getting redirected to

DNS needs time to propagate. Your ISP is being naughty and hijacking empty DNS responses. It’s working for me now.

It works now. Thanks for your help. @sdayman