Cloudflare settings missing for Magento 1.9

Im going through the cloudflare guide for using Magento and have a few issues with things missing:

First, where it says to add page rules and add them for the admin area there are no settings titled ‘performance’.

There is a setting for ‘Mirage’ but no setting for ‘Mirage Also’. If I select ‘Mirage’ then there is no option to set ‘security’ to ‘high’

There is no setting called just ‘caching’ but there is one called ‘cache level’ or ‘cache deception armour’?

Next when Im trying to set ‘caching anonymous page views’, Ive manged to set the ‘Respect Existing Headers’ setting but then when creating a new page rule there is no setting for ‘cache’, there is a ‘cache level’ which I can set to ‘cache everything’ but there is no place to enter the magento specific rule it talks about?

I’m tagging @cloonan to see about getting the documentation updated, as the suggested settings aren’t very clear.

  1. Admin Area Settings – “Disable Performance”
  2. Mirage is its own setting (requires paid plan). Security Level is another setting that lets you pick Off/Low/Medium/High/Under Attack
  3. Cache Level. For “chron”, they probably want caching off.
  4. That Cache for anonymous page views is only available on Business and Enterprise plans (Cache Everything, but then Bypass Cache on Cookie)
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You should also take a look at Cloudflare Access for protecting the Magento admin. We’ve implemented this for a few M1 sites and it’s been a lifesaver. Highly recommend it!

Cloudflare Access


-John @ Netalico

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